Founded in 1980


Freddick Bratcher, Founding Artistic Director

“Mr. bratcher is an accomplished and inventive choreographer… sleekness fortified with a dose of whimsy.”

- The New York Times

"Fluid movements, smart choreography, and a cool attitude have made this modern dance company one of the top local troupes."

- Miami New Times

"His style is a hybrid of modern, classical ballet and jazz, echoing his experience with the Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham companies. The inflection is jazzy, the music selection witty and the overall mood is, to my mind, refreshingly uncynical."

- Sun-Sentinel

"Bratcher is known for snappy, funky, high-energy choreography and superb dancers."

- The Miami Herald

"His work transgresses the stuffy, sometimes eclectic, and almost always limiting boundaries typically associated with classic modern dance. Bratcher’s pieces often tell stories that almost anyone can understand and appreciate."